Closing spaces without braces

Diastema is a gap between any two teeth. This is often in the front two teeth in adults and children. Sometimes this is corrected naturally as children grow up when their teeth shift and those gaps fill out. Other times, this isn’t the case.

You might be wondering what causes diastema in children. There are different reasons such as gum issues, jaw, and teeth misalignment; however, one interesting cause of diastema is thumb sucking.

Yes, you read correctly. If you were one of the children who sucked their fingers as a child, that could be the reason why you have diastema. This isn’t the case 100 percent of the time, but thumb sucking is a common cause.

In these cases, diastema develops since the sucking motion of the finger pulls the front teeth forward which contributes to the separation of the two front teeth.

Another interesting fact about diastema is that it can be caused by your tongue pushing against your teeth.

Where is your tongue naturally resting? On the roof of your mouth, or on the floor of your mouth?

If you’re someone who lets your tongue rest on the floor of your mouth as opposed to the roof, that might have contributed to diastema. Over time, the tongue will apply pressure that pushes the teeth forward.

This is interesting because there was recently a video trending online where people revealed how to reduce the appearance of a double chin. And guess what, it was by making sure your tongue was sitting at the roof of your mouth!

So, having your tongue seated at the roof of your mouth not only helps you keep your teeth in line but if you worry about a double chin, this little trick will help you in that area, too.

How to treat or reverse diastema?

Veneers are simply a thin but incredibly strong and beautiful layer that is bonded to your teeth to restore their optimal shape and function. Veneers are ideal for anyone looking to improve and beautify their smile, though this is not only a cosmetic treatment. Those who have lost enamel over time due to wear or acid erosion would also notice an improvement in chewing and even speaking by having the natural lengths and widths of their teeth restored. This is a great solution for filling spaces between teeth or to mask minor issues like a tooth that’s angled slightly, or the wrong shape.

Veneers are used typically for the following reasons:

  1. Replace lost enamel from wear, cavities or acid erosion
  2. Discoloured teeth that whitening alone can’t improve
  3. Chipped or misshapen teeth
  4. Teeth that are slightly rotated

There are two styles of veneers:

Direct composite veneers (bonding): This can be done in a single appointment with a natural, white cosmetic filling material. The benefit of the procedure is reduced appointments since it is completed in a single visit and a single follow-up appointment to ensure everything feels good.

Indirect ceramic veneers: This involves using a lab where we work with a master ceramist to fabricate your veneers out of an esthetic ceramic material. This requires more appointments but the end result is longer lasting and stronger.

Both methods show major improvements for patients in the right situations. We’ll discuss the pros, cons and costs associated with both options to help you choose what fits your situation.

Learn more about veneers (aka direct bonding)

Recent Diastema Case Studies:

Meet Kurubei, an outspoken, bright and intelligent young man. Due to his smile, however, he was always self-conscious. This prevented him from being as outgoing and lively as he would’ve liked. He expressed his concerns to us at Cityplace Dental Group, and we walked him through our step-by-step plan to take him from where he was, to the smile of his dreams. Let’s show you what we did!

Kurubei before and after

Kurubei never felt confident to grin from ear to ear. He wasn’t sure if braces would be the right option — or what his options were. Overall, his hope slowly dwindled away.

After just one appointment, Kurubei couldn’t believe his smile. It’s everything he wanted and more. He can’t help but smile now. His worries and anxiousness about his smile have faded away. He’s ready to get out and go back to being that outspoken go-getter he once was!

Kurubei before and after

Meet Lisa, a woman who could light up any room she was in. Her smile was as bright and beautiful as her spirit. Although, over time she noticed that there was a gap forming in between her front two teeth. She came to Cityplace Dental Group to have that gap closed. We took her through our noninvasive treatment plan, and the rest was history!

The gap between Lisa’s two front teeth was beginning to grow and this weighed on confidence. With many different options available, she wasn’t sure which would be the right option for her. This left her in a frustrating situation.

 Lisa decided to meet with our team about her smile. She couldn’t believe the results. After just one appointment, the smile that she thought she had lost, was back. She couldn’t help but smile and gone were her concerns about getting her pristine smile back. Lisa left our office with a smile 10 times bigger than the one she walked in with.

Lisa before and after


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