5 Ways To Avoid Needing Emergency Dental Work

Why do my teeth hurt?

COVID-19 has been a challenge, to say the least. An area where I have noticed one of the biggest changes to our lives has been routines. So many common activities and actions were different, such as working from home and not being able to socialize or go for a meal. Many routines went out the window.

As dentists, one trend we saw was patients who were previously consistent with their oral care, were not coming in as frequently. That could be because our clinic was briefly closed, their jobs or benefits changed, or they were not comfortable leaving the house.

As understandable as this all is, it led to another unfortunate issue: an increase in the amount of emergency dental appointments that we have been seeing. Small cavities, chips and minor problems that we would have caught at a regular checkup have turned into larger and more serious dental issues.

So, whether you have been visiting a dentist regularly or not, here are five reasons why a regular checkup with a dentist is important.

1. Catching gum disease early

If we notice an issue with the health of your gums or surrounding tissues, we can help with cleanings and oral hygiene advice to get you back on track. We will be able to monitor your current gum health and create a plan of action to ensure that your gums stay healthy.

2. Checking on any potential tooth decay

On the surface, things can look OK but it’s not until you come in and get a checkup that we can see the health of your teeth. Sometimes this involves routine X-rays or a digital scan. These can help spot early signs of tooth decay. Coming in regularly will ensure that your teeth are healthy and strong.

3. Plaque and calculus growth

Coming in regularly will allow us to give you a professional clean to get rid of plaque and calculus growth on your teeth. It is hard to get a good clean in all the small places that plaque can grow. Brushing alone cannot remove stubborn deposits and over time this can lead to more serious issues. A professional clean will help us get rid of all the growth and keep your gums and teeth healthy.

4. Oral cancer check

Coming in regularly can help us monitor your oral health beyond just your teeth and gums. We always screen for irregular growths, sores and lesions that could potentially be cancerous. Let us help you look into all the hard-to-see areas in case there are any concerns. We can answer questions about any areas you might be worried about.

5. Post-operative work and maintenance

Coming in regularly can ensure that any work that’s been done can be maintained. If there are any issues in the work, we can catch them early so they can be dealt with while it is small. This can be your crowns, bridges, root-canal-treated teeth or even your old fillings. Small cracks or leaks can lead to bigger issues down the road.

If you haven’t visited us in the past four to six months, it might be time to restart your oral hygiene routine. We are here to help at your earliest convenience!

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