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Invisalign is a clear aligner solution that helps us straighten and align teeth without the use of metal braces. It involves a scan of your teeth, which is then used to simulate the treatment on a computer to show you the predicted results before we even begin. Once you and our team are happy with the proposed plan, a series of trays are printed and you are seen at various checkpoints to assess progress and get new trays that gradually straighten your teeth. The results are amazing and Invisalign has changed many people’s lives.

Invisalign is ideal for patients who have issues with tooth alignment or have had braces in the past and have experienced some tooth shifting over time.

Often due to the misalignment of teeth, teeth can have uneven wear on the edges. Patients looking for a smile reinvention through Invisalign can have composite bonding done to restore the contours to what they should be in a non-invasive way. In most cases, this requires no removal of tooth structure. We are simply adding back the contours of the teeth that have worn away over time to restore them to their original shape.

Here are some common questions about Invisalign:

This varies case by case. Simpler cases can achieve the desired result in as little as three months. More complex situations can take one to two years.

Case Study - Meron

Meron, had always wanted a beautiful bright smile, but she had extreme staining on her teeth from the drinking water in the village in Ethiopia, where she grew up. After we guided her teeth into the ideal position with Invisalign, we were able to use thin veneers to completely alter the colour of her teeth. As you can imagine, Meron, loves her new smile! 
Invisalign before headshot
Invisalign after headshot