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Restorations and Fillings

The term “filling” is commonplace, however we prefer to use the term “restoration.” Restorations are placed to repair damaged tooth structure from decay (cavities), wear, acid erosion, or excessive damage to teeth.

Restorations at our office are typically composed of a white composite material that is bonded to the remaining tooth. With white, composite material we can be more conservative with the removal of tooth structure as compared with silver fillings. There are still indications for silver fillings, but we don’t commonly use these.

Amy recommends Cityplace Dental Group

Dr. Murad and the team at Cityplace Dental are absolutely amazing! I felt extremely comfortable and welcomed during my entire experience. Dr. Murad is very thorough, professional, and extremely kind. He checks in often to ensure your comfort - he even reached out after my visit to make sure my filling was feeling good! Would highly recommend!

- Amy via Google

Here are some common questions about restorations:

Having a restoration placed shouldn’t hurt. The most uncomfortable part is often the placement or administration of the anesthetic or freezing. We focus on creating a relaxing environment and taking our time to deliver anesthetic, which lends itself to a positive experience while receiving the freezing.