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Root Canals

Root canals are needed when deep decay compromises the nerve of your tooth, or after a tooth is accidentally injured or broken. A root canal can save your tooth and allow it to be restored it to its natural function.

Usually when a root canal is needed, the only other option is extraction of the tooth. A root canal procedure involves freezing the tooth and surrounding area, and using a rubber dam to keep bacteria out. After creating a small opening in the tooth, unhealthy or infected nerve tissue is removed. Then, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The canals are filled and sealed with a type of material that is safe and biocompatible. The small opening is then filled with tooth-coloured material.

The root canal process usually takes one to two appointments to complete. Because tooth structure is removed to access the inside of your tooth, we may suggest a crown or onlay after the procedure to reinforce the tooth and maximize its longevity.

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Recently, I had a root canal done in Cityplace Dental Group. It was the most pleasant and painless experience I ever had in a dental office. Looking forward to my next appointment. Dentists and staff are excellent, professional, caring, and welcoming. I would highly recommend this dental office to all my friends.

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Here are some common questions about root canals:

When you get a root canal, we use plenty of anesthetic (freezing) to make sure you’re comfortable. Often because of the infection, patients may be in pain. The root canal procedure is the best solution to relieve this pain.