Cityplace Dental Group

Dr. Todd’s MVP Veneers

Tune in this Wednesday, November 2 at 5pm CST Here: @drtoddthetoothcarpenter

The Auction:

  • Every month there will be a Dutch Auction on my Instagram story at a predetermined date and time. If you’re not already following, add me @drtoddthetoothcarpenter; this is where the auction happens!  This auction will be used to decide on the price per tooth.
  • A Dutch Auction is unique in that it starts at the max price ($1500) and reduces by $100 intervals until it reaches the floor ($700). All bids are winners but patients will be screened in order of bid, highest to lowest so you’ve got to be quick on the draw to secure your treatment.
  • A bid is placed by an Instagram direct message with your price and you will be notified about your place in line. Only choose a price once the price is displayed on the story. 
  • One patient will be treated per month.
  • Until a patient is selected, I will continue to accept patients. Once treatment is accepted and a down payment is received the month will be sold out until the process begins again the next month.

Once you have made a successful bid:

  • You will have a video consultation to determine if you’re a candidate for treatment (no charge).
  • If selected for treatment planning, you will be invited in for an appointment for photos and a functional analysis (no charge).
  • If the treatment is deemed appropriate you will be asked to return for a treatment plan presentation one week later (no charge).

You were interviewed but your case wasn’t selected? Here’s why:

  • Requested treatment is too aggressive resulting in excessive tooth structure removal.
  • Unwillingness to proceed with treatment of decay or infection before initiating porcelain restorative treatment.
  • Extensive orthodontics required prior to treatment.
  • Treatment required too high risk (referral required).

Terms + Conditions:

  • If other dental work is required, it will be charged at regular price using the current fee guide.
  • A patient is not obligated to proceed with treatment just because they made a bid.
  • Following acceptance of the treatment plan presentation a $500 deposit will be required to proceed with treatment. 
  • The total cost of the lab bill will be due prior to the first appointment where dental work is performed.
  • The remaining balance will be due prior to the final delivery appointment (when the veneers/crowns are cemented).
  • Third party financing options are available. 
  • If insurance is available, we will do our best to utilize the insurance plan but cosmetic work is often not covered under insurance plans.
  • If a phased approach is chosen for treatment due to finances, the discount will only apply to the first phase of treatment. 
  • A treatment planning session is 1.5 hours and a treatment plan presentation is 1 hour.
  • Patients must give consent to share close up (not full face) photos for marketing and teaching purposes. 
  • Patients may be requested to give consent to share full face photos as well as video interviews. These will be used for marketing material and teaching purposes. If consent is not given, these photos will not be used.
  • All work to be completed on Fridays. Details of the number and length of visits to be discussed in the treatment plan presentation.